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Platform Update 09/2018

Update to SimScale’s New Post-Processor

Release notes on SimScale’s update to the new post-processor which preserves post-processing states automatically.

Recently, SimScale has released an update to the new post-processor, with the goal of improving the workflow and saving time. State persistence is a feature which automatically saves the post-processing state, with no input from the user. When the user navigates away from the post-processor and later returns, the last post-processing state created by the user will again be available to work on or analyse.

This is advantageous for a few reasons. Firstly, the user can create identical states on different designs and compare the two by switching between the results, without needing to recreate or even apply the state. Secondly, a user can simply return to where they left off, whether it was minutes or days ago.

As always, we welcome feedback on our new post-processor and are working very hard to continue to add valuable features to it. Please do not hesitate to add your request to the vote-for-features section.


The new persistence feature is greatly appreciated as it was a sorely missed feature from the previous post-processor and was giving me some grief! Will the screenshots feature be re-instated (tho less critical given tools like the Windows ‘snipping tool’)?

What would greatly add to the whole is some way to overlay/compare & contrast results from two runs of the same simulation or, even better, the results from two or more different models.

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Hi @irving, yes it is being worked on and hopefully will be with you in approximately 3 weeks if all goes well. Really glad you like the persistence and thank you for your feedback!



I’m pretty sure it is not saving camera position, zoom level and target position too.

I was taking a series of 20 screen captures at different cutting plane z positions through the mesh.

I wanted the geometry to be the same size and position in each image.

All was going well until SimScale decided that I needed to re-login to my account.

After I got back to the new post-processor Solution Fields where I was working, the camera position was back to a view that gave me the extents if the Background Mesh Box :cry:

I had to start my series of clips all over, darn and I was almost done :cry:

I think camera position, zoom level and target position should be saved too !!!

Not only that, I think it should save whether you were working in full screen and the sidebar width too !!!



Hi Dale, thanks for your feedback I will pass it on!