SimScale CAE Forum

Platform Update 03/2017


Dear SimScalers,

today we will release another update on SimScale with the following improvements and features:

Automatic repair operation for unclosed triangulated geometries

Triangulated geometries serve as input for the hex-dominant mesh algorithms.

  • Hex-dominant automatic (only CFD)
  • Hex-dominant parametric (only CFD)
  • Hex-dominant automatic “wind-tunnel/external flow” (only CFD)

Some triangulated models are not watertight. You might have seen the warning that is shown in this case in the Event log of the mesh operation:

Unclosed models can lead to bad-quality meshes. They can even cause the meshing to fail or unexpectedly mesh the interior of a geometry in case of an external flow analysis. The automatic repair operation detects minor defects in the geometry like collapsed and duplicated triangles or small gaps and tries to close the surface in order to increase the meshing robustness.

Workbench header design

The workbench header has been updated with a new design that is also streamlined with all community pages.

Old header:

New design:

Viewer header design and responsiveness

The design of the viewer header has also been adapted with a new design. Additionally we added a feature that allows the header to responsively adapt to the screen or window size. In case the full header can not be displayed anymore a More-button is added in the right corner and gives access to all additional buttons on demand. That makes it particularly convenient to use the viewer on mobile devices.

New header design:

On small screens:

Forum design

As you can see all around this post, the forum design has also been updated in SimScale style!