Platform Update 01/2016

The first SimScale update of the year just rolled out enabling advanced thermomechanical analysis and a few other new simulation capabilities. Find the highlights of the latest release below.

**Advanced Thermomechanical Analysis**

A new analysis type enables in-depth studies of mechanical parts under thermal and mechanical loads such as transient heating/cooling, collapse due to fire exposure, thermal shocks, shrink fit and much more.

Advanced mechanical and thermal analysis features include:

  • temperature dependent material data
  • powerful boundary conditions like follower pressure and remote force
  • frictional contact
  • dynamic effects

Shrink Fitting Sample Project

**Fan Boundary Condition for CFD**

The new fan boundary condition allows for more accurate representations of fans within heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems. It can be used at both inlets and outlets to drive the flow in and out of the domain. The fan curve, which governs the relationship between pressure jump and flow rate can be explicitly specified via a table to accurately predict the impact on the surrounding air.

**Community Improvements**

Since the release of the Community 6 weeks ago, more than 2000 public projects have been created. We’re actively developing features that will allow you to search for the simulation content you’re looking for more quickly. In a first step, a new sorting mechanism now allows the user to sort projects by modification date. This can be used in combination with the search function to discover other users who are working on applications similar to your own.