Pipework - Flow Induced Vibration

Looking for some advice on an approach to analyse a real world problem of Flow Induced Vibration of pipework(8" Diameter) conveying a compressible fluid.

Currently the fluid flows from a 12" header pipe to 2 separate 8" streams and again combines into a 12"header.
We are experiencing vibration of the pipework and from some guidance documents, we believe it to be flow induced vibration of the pipework.

Model the flow through the pipework section for numerous fluid velocities.
Use the results? to generate the vibration frequencies of the system (we have recorded vibration data from site)

Any advice on a starting approach using simscale?

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Hi @fergalom,

interesting project you are working on! @sjesu_rajendra, any comments on that one? :slight_smile:



Thanks Jousef!

Hello Fergal (@fergalom)

Very interesting application indeed! The problem can be decoupled and analysed in SimScale. To start with, try to perform a compressible flow simulation to understand the fluid flow and vortex shredding behavior. The forces can be extracted out of the CFD case and then used as an input for Harmonic analysis in order to find the effect of vibration.

A small note in this regard is that consider splitting your pipe into number of small faces, especially the ones where there could be significant difference in forces acting due to fluid flow. Please define result control items on all these faces separately to get individual forces on each of them. This can be used to define the structural analysis.

I hope this helps to start with the analysis! Please let us know if there are any other queries.



Thanks Sam!!
That will get us started, may be back with more questions as we progress

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Hello @fergalom,
Sorry to resurface this topic but I’m totally lost with simscale since I have just begun… And your project is totally what I am aiming at. So can’t you show me what you had done so far or maybe share the project ? It would really help me!!