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Pipeline Pigging Model

I am looking for any example projects that can show me how to model the flow of a solid pig as it displaces water in an inclined pipeline.
Water is in front of the pig and air is injected behind the pig. I’d like to determine the location of the pig along the pipeline as well as predict the point at which pumping air can be stopped.
Any assistance in how to set up the model etc would be appreciated.
Basically I would have a 1 km pipeline, ID 0.5 m, the pipeline is flat to begin with, then has a 70m tall riser at the end.

Best regards

Hi Andrew (@alindsay) ,

Welcome to SimScale! As far as I understand, since the pig is being pushed ahead in the pipe by the pumping in of the air this would be a 2 way fluid-solid interaction problem which is not (yet) supported on the SimScale platform. Interesting application though - you can read more about the CFD analysis types that we support here: