Physics Error

Followed all tutorials and have set up countless similar projects, however can not seem to fault find the issue with this latest one.

It says that meshing is not possible due to:
“The physics can not be taken into account as the simulation setup is not valid. Complete your simulation setup before generating the mesh in order to optimize the mesh for your application.”

Have altered the design as much as possible, but considering I have similar simulations I’m concerned this could be a software bug?

Help welcomed.


Hey there!

I just saw you project and noticed that the boundary conditions ad rotating zones are missing the assignments. Please fill the assignments before trying to compute the mesh, as suggested by the error message!

Also, please take into account that you do not need to generate the mesh before the simulation run. You can start the run and the mesh will be computed automatically.


Thanks for having a look. I feel like I’ve tried everything with this one so when you had a look I had at this stage reset the design to see if I could get around the issues, but alas no.

Still wondering if there could be a bug as I dont know what is missing with this one that makes it a physics nightmare compared to the other designs I have done.

As mentioned I’ve followed the tutorials, but am still stumped. So for now I have populated the required fields as it was and included a screenshot.

Hopefully there is some solution…


Hey there!

The error is caused by the ‘Inlet & Outlet Flow’ surface result control item. The character ‘&’ is not allowed in the name. Please change the name and you should be good to go.

HA! :rofl:

It’s always the simplest of things.

Really appreciate the help and thanks for the hint of meshing and simulating at the same time. It’s running as I type.


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