Physic Cannot be taken into account CHT v1

I am able to set up a simulation in CHT v1 with the following:

  • Customised Water Properties
  • Customised Aluminium Properties
  • Mass Flow Inlet
  • Zero gauge pressure Outlet
  • Thin Layer Resistance (simulating a thermal interface material)
  • Absolute Power applied to a solid

This meshes fine and the simulation runs fine although I previously posted here (Interface Type Not Available - #4 by dcrowley) that contact modelling is not available in CHT V2.

Now, when I rebuild the simulation again in V1, I get the error on meshing “the physics cannot be taken into account as the simulation setup is not valid.”

Is there a fundamental difference between v1 and v2 meshing that causes this issue?

I want to simulate fluid flow through a heat exchanger - and neither CHT v1 or v2 seem to be able to create this modelling accurately.

Please advise.


Could you please try to create a new simulation by clicking on the “+ button” next to Simulation runs? When you do so, a warning/error message will show up, showing the invalid settings in your setup.

Then it’s just a matter of going through them to make the setup valid.


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Thanks Ricardo,

I can see the issue now:
Power source cannot be applied to materials with anisoptropic properties.

is there a reason this is available in CHT V2 but not in V1. It seems I cannot run the simulation in either V1 or V2 at the moment.

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CHTv2 is a newer, custom, coupled CHT solver that is being implemented in SimScale.

Since it’s a new solver, for the moment some features that are available in CHTv1 are not yet available in CHTv2 - those will be implemented with time.