'Phoenix 400' simulation project by 201270702


I created a new simulation project called 'Phoenix 400':

Material blower for tailings

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'Material Blower - Particle Analysis' simulation project by rszoeke

Hi @201270702,
I copied you project and run a simulation with a reduced time frame on it. In the results you can see that the particles get stuck with the current material parameters and a speed of 800RPM:

Is this something you would expect? You can check out my project here


HI rszoeke.
yout simulation looks good.
as an answer to your question, i have expirenced the same problem doing lab test.
the simulation is showing the same problem as the high-speed footage i have been doing.
i will be doing redesign soon of the output funnel.
if you want to, try to raise the rpm too 1000, that i possible in real life.

best regards


Hi @201270702,
it’s always nice to hear that simulation results actually match physical testing!
I just started another run with 1000RPM to see if the behavior changes.
I would be very interested in the progress of your project and which design changes improve the performance.
Let me know if you need any help.



Running at 1000RPM seems to improve the situation a little, but still material is getting stuck at the output funnel:

Looking forward to the improved design!