Phase Fraction Problem

Hi community,

I’m defining a phase fraction using a cartesian box, but when I try to view this fraction in the post-processor I cannot see each seprate phase as you can see below.

Could someone help me see where I went wrong in my setup?

I really appreciate all the help,

Hi Vinicius!

I can have a look at that later on when I am at my machine - in the meantime feel free to jump in @Get_Barried & @1318980.



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Hi @vgon_alves, think the problem here is that both the default and the subdomain are assigned to phase 1. if you want a different phase in the box you need to assign phase zero, or vice versa.

Let me know if this helps,



Hi @jousefm and @1318980,

I defined 2 materials in my domain, (Air assigned to phase 0 & Water assigned to phase 1), and my subdomain assigned to phase 1. Please, Is the error here? Where? I do not get the point yet… I’ve reviewed it 700 times, so I certainly can not identify the error hahaha

Thank’s in advance guys! :smile:


Hi @vgon_alves, so there are two assignments, one to default, i.e. whatever is not explicitly defined, and subdomains, those that are explicitly defined:

So if they are both fraction 1, then the whole domain will be 1. I think what you meant to put is phase fraction 0 in the default phase fraction setting.



Oh Darren, I can not express my reaction to seeing your answer here, but I’m really appalled that I did not see it
A second look makes everything easier :smile:

Thank you very much!!

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