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Parts missing in final simulation

I recently did a heat transfer simulation on a model with 25 solid bodies 2kW_V3. The mesh generation went well. In the final simulation results, I found some bodies missing. The body count was right in the i.e. 25 bodies, but i noticed some part names was referenced to the the same physical part. What i mean is that there was only one physical part for multiple part names. The results obtained were also unrealistic. I ran the simulation multiple times with different configuration of contacts and heat sources. I also regenerated the mesh, but all the results had the same problem. I donot understand what went wrong here.
I would be greatful for any suggestions, comments or help.

Here is the link to the above project.

Thanks in advance.
A S Nagaraj

Hi @anagaraj,

Do post your project link for us to better understand the problem.



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Thanks for reminding @Get_Barried. I have edited the original post accordingly.

Hi there!

I had a look at your project and could not find any problems with your parts. Could you maybe explain it a bit further with screenshots? Also why do you think that your results are unrealistic?



Hello Jousefm,

sorry for my delayed repply.
I have attached some screenshots where you can see the missing parts. Could you check what went wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

Thanks a lot for the photos Nagaraj!

Will check this out and get back to you as soon as I know more.



Hello @anagaraj,
thank you for reporting this issue! There was indeed a problem in the result conversion process when multiple solids had exactly the same amount of nodes.

The issue has been resolved already by now, but unfortunately you would need to rerun the case to get the full results with all solids.


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Hi @anagaraj!

If you want I can run the cases for you to save you the core hours. Let me know if you need a helping hand!



Thanks for the quick support. I successfully ran the Simulation again. The results are realistic and good.