Partial Selection for a Bonded Surface Contact in FEA

Hello There,

I am currently working on a compliant beam design where I have some unique contacts. Im essentially deflecting two plastic beams from a fixed contact in a much larger assembly. I’m looking for a way to define only part of the overall beam body surface for contact with the frame it is glued two.

Is there a good way to only select part of a face as a slave entity for a bonded contact?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @kevin_perera, thanks for your post on the forum :slight_smile:

Could you kindly attach a link to your project?


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Hey Igor,

Due to the nature of the project, I cannot share too much regarding the designs I am working on, but I can great a simplified version of my problem, and post it here.

Just give me sometime, and Ill post it. Thanks again for your response.

Hi @kevin_perera, no worries,

When you have something you can share, you can just post it here :slight_smile:

However, maybe what you’re looking for has to do with the Imprint operation in CAD mode:

Tell me if that’s the case!


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