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Paraview and Incompressible LBM

Hi, I have just downloaded an incompressible LBM project to open on Paraview. Instead of the typical folders 0, constant, system… of Open Foam I get very strange files that are difficult to open. Can anybody help?

Hey @aguerrero!

You also can open these files in ParaView but have to use other filters like the block extraction one, also note that you can only get the results from slices or domains you have defined inside the simulation so it is not like in the normal incompressible module that you get the whole “global” results.

@dlynch, do you have a guide somewhere for LBM post-processing?

Quick tip: Use our PP :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:



@jousefm, no I don’t, but it’s very much what you said. Open the .case file, extract the fluid region as a block, then operate on it as normal with other filters. Do that separately to surface data if you have both.