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Output Volume/Mass (For FEA/Dynamics)?

Does Simscale output the volume/mass of the analysis? I can’t find it in any of the solver logs, or even the geometry/mesh data. It’s a great way to double check your inputs.

It’s okay to have the volume of the mesh, but it’s even nicer to have the overall mass of the structure after the material has been applied. This is particularly helpful when you are de-featuring your geometry, but need to play with the density to get the correct mass. Thanks!

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@fastwayjim - not yet. In fact there are many metrics on geometry/mesh/results that are already processes/handled by SimScale but not published in the UI yet. The next ones will be rather mesh quality related but adding the volume to this should be a breeze. Just added it to the product backlog.

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Hi @fastwayjim @dheiny,
I guess adding information about the center of gravity and the moments of inertia would also be useful to check the validity of the sim setup. What do you think?
Best, Richard

@rszoeke, agreed! Added this as well!

Yes! Excellent guys, thank you!

Making the model easy to troubleshoot is SO important.