Oscillating OMEGA residuals

Hi there,

I have a small issue with my residual results, especially with the OMEGA term and slightly with the k term. As seen in the image the OMEGA suffers oscillation issues, my questions are

  1. Does this cause inaccuracies with results?

  2. How can i prevent these oscillation occurring?

Project link here: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=5802058254989637067&rru=f6b1d259-7172-4dd5-a513-b20a071d2f38&ci=3e907bcf-21e2-4ddc-8757-7cd0453816c6&ct=CONVERGENCE_PLOT&mt=SIMULATION_RESULT


This looks like numerical artifacts, but nothing serious to me.

I would allow this simulation to run for more iterations for the solver to drive down the residuals.

Hi there, thank you. I will run the model for longer now and post the results.