Origin / pivot point



In the 3D viewer, geometry/mesh is rotated about origin/pivot point.

But, I am unable to locate the exact position of this point. Is there any provision to “view” this point so that it will be easier to input the co-ordinates of Material point/ background mesh box, etc.?



Hi @rajan19us and thanks for your question!

I am not aware of any method revealing the rotation center in the viewer so far (will ask if there is a shortcut). Please note that the center varies depending on where you click when you rotate the object.

The generation of the background box as well as the definition of the material point should not be hard and is often easier to counter-check it visually instead of typing in fixed values in my opinion. Do you think that there should be a change in terms of the user experience? If so please let me know :+1:

Thanks for the feedback and all the best!



Maybe add a comment here:

possible improvements; to mark the origin, the centre of view and have the ability to modify explicitly the centre of rotation by selecting a vertex or inputting coordinates.

For now, you could locate the material point at 0,0,0 to get an idea.

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Hi @jousefm, thanks for the comment. As you said counter-checking is easy, it would be easier and better for visualisation if the centre of rotation is visible. I mean, the user will have to do less iterations/estimations for the construction of the geometry primitives if the pivot is visible ( just an opinion).

@1318980 I will do it. Thanks.