Origin for Stream Trace

During my homework I played with the Stream Tracer. It is difficult to place the origin at a specific location if I don’t know the exact coordinate. It would be nice to show where the origin of the Stream Trace is in the model with an option to turn it of. In some case you don’t want a big red dot in your screen shot :wink:

Thanks for your feedback @sburger - Adding @bdaqui to this thread

@sburger, that’s a good point. We will have a look at how that can be done for a future feature. In the mean-time there’s a work-around (even if it is a bit convoluted) so that one can see where the source points are positioned, should the automatic placement not be good enough for your result:

  • Add the stream-tracer filter
  • Change the representation mode from Surface to point-sprite
  • In the properties panel, go to the representation section and change the “Max Pixel Size” to something smaller, like 10, for example. Click on the “check”/apply button
  • (optional) It might help you see where the points are, if you go to the first time-step, where there is no flow motion yet.
  • You will then be able to see the point-sources for the stream tracer
  • When you are done, switch back to the Surface representation
  • Go back to the time-step of your choice

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the workaround.

An advantage solution would be if I could move the source with my mouse to the place I like :heart_eyes:

I have to agree, that would be the preferable solution. Although not for the very immediate future, it is in our plans to integrate this sort of functionality, too.