OpenFOAM code export?


Hi all,

a general question: is it possible to extract the full OpenFOAM code of a simulation I did in SimScale? If yes, how?

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Hi An-Sofie (@achristiaens)!

It is indeed possible to get the code! You simply have to go to the run(s) you would like to have a look at and download the results. Once extracted you can have a look at the folder structures like system, constant, and the 0 folder with the boundary conditions.

Let me know if it works!




In addition to what @jousefm has said, there might be some manual changes you need to do, depending on your OpenFOAM version, its a case of re-running observing the errors and warnings and making the changes. For example, in the latest openFoam the name of the turbulence properties file changed between SimScale version and v5.

Good luck!


Forgot to mention that Darren - thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: