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Open the downloaded Mesh files


Hello Forum,
i have a quick question, is there a programm with which i can open the downloaded mesh files ?
If i downloaded the result of a mesh run, i get to folder, one with the *.stl files and the other one with eight files, please see on the screenshot.

I like to see the mesh quality,… yes i can do it in the post processor, but if the mesh is really big the online post-processor is really slow.
Is it even possible with a freeware program ?

Greetz Kai


Hi @Kai_himself!

Good question and we should post a step-by-step tutorial for this. @1318980 & @Get_Barried , how do you usually do it? I am only aware of the “foamToVtk” option (in OF) and “Extract Cells by Region” inside of Paraview. I might try this evening if Tecplot has a direct visualization feature for the STL files.




Hi everyone,

If you’re talking about after meshing, downloading and opening up the files to check the mesh, no I do not have a way to directly do that. However, my workaround is to simulate the mesh for 1s or the shortest amount of time possible then download it before opening it in ParaView to check.

Hope this helps.




@jousefm and @Get_Barried,
ok, thank you for your answers, then i will do it like that.

Greetz Kai


Hi @jousefm @Get_Barried @Kai_himself actually this is super easy to do, in the extracted download file, create a blank text file and rename it to ‘something’.case and open the case file in paraview. Paraview also has a mesh quality filter, however, doesn’t always give the visualisation you want. if you have OpenFOAM installed, run the utility checkMesh -writeAllFields and this, when opened in paraview, will give you quality fields based upon actual OpenFOAM checks.



Nice trick Darren - bookmarked :wink:




Hey @1318980,
thank you for your answer, but i wont work on my pc. Here is a screenshot, i have try to make the text file in the polyMesh or triSurface folder.

Greetz Kai


Hi @Kai_himself, you need to put it a few directories above:

The trisurface and polymesh are in constant

Ignore system you won’t have anything there but will need to if you wanna do checkMesh




yeah it works, thank you very much !!
If you know how, its that easy :slight_smile:

Greetz Kai


Any idea if the determinant and interpolation weight OpenFOAM paramaters are ones that you can view in ParaView without having to use ‘checkMesh -writeAllFields’



I cannot see those quality fields under the mesh quality filter, but that might just different naming, might have to do a bit of research about what the quality filter does in comparison to OpenFOAM. The alternative might be easier.



Ugh, another set of software to install and learn to use :cry:



yer sorry, on the upside, the end results look cool.