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Open channel flow

Hi, I’m a newbie to CFD. I’ve imported a model of a culvert, which is basically an open channel with water flowing into two pipes. I can’t figure out how to define the boundary condition on top of the channel so i get open channel results.

The pipes can flow part full at low flow rates. How do I set the outlet BC? I’m using flow rate at present.

@steve22 - thanks for your question and welcome to SimScale!

I’m adding your project link to this thread:

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For the outlet conditions, I’d recommend using a zero pressure outlet:

Also had a look at your Topo entity sets and your missing some wall faces (I assume they are quite small). I think there should be 27.

I’m running the simulation now and will get back to you with the results as soon as they are ready

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You’ll find my simulation runs here - I also ran some multiphase simulations to model low flows: