Onshape stl import units error

downloaded STL file from Onshape in mm units for 3D print, Print perfect as usual.
Imported STL file into Simscale for stress analysis BUT imported model was displayed in Metre units.
Is this me or an import units error
regards david

Hi @dknight,
did you select “Millimeter” in the “Model unit” selection of the STL upload settings?

Hi thanks for your reply.
I followed the link “run a free simulation” button.
I imported my file from “this computer” but did not get the screen you have shown to set units.
Onshape file is clearly correct in format for units.
Seems odd that it would ignore units format in STL automated import. It worked very well apart from units issue.
Will look again at model import see if i can find your import screen.
Your website seemed to infer i was using a new front end for simscale.
Regards david

hi Thanks found the pull down menu to set unit of measure for STL import
works perfectly now.
regards david