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OnShape Import Resolution Issue


I just discovered an issue with the OnShape import resolution. When I import the CAD from OnShape, it looks like this:

Notice the rough shape of the drawing. It looks faceted.

If I download the OnShape drawing in STEP format and import the file, the result is the same. However, if I download the drawing in STL fine format and upload it into SimScale, the result is a much finer drawing (see below). Why is the resolution of the direct import from OnShape so poor?

Platform Update 08/2017

Update: I uploaded the STEP file to another program and that one displays it just fine without any facets. I think the Import in SimScale is reducing the resolution of the object somehow.


Hi @mas985 and thanks for letting us know.

@afischer: Any comments on that?




@mas985 @jousefm, I submitted a snap last night similar issue with a complex wind turbine blade geometry. A previous import was ok, however, this one for some reason was awful. I am posting this here because it is a good demonstration of an extreme case:



Thanks a lot for adding this, Darren! We’re looking into this at the moment. I’ll post an update shortly.


Tried the import again and it is now working properly. Thanks!


I still have issues on my import, might be a different cause. I seem to get lost quality when I import fluid regions for external fluid flows. This means that the objects are geometrically large however the interesting part is very small in comparison.

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With the latest SimScale update, this issue has returned.