On lacking solver in the "OpenFOAM case upload" feature list

Hi everyone!

I’m curious why does “OpenFOAM® case upload” has chtMultiRegionFoam solver option in the list, but has no chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam option? This is strange, because I can create chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam case from the begining in “Conjugate heat transfer”, but have no such option in “OpenFOAM® case upload” one.

Do you have plans on expanding solver list for “OpenFOAM® case upload” feature?

Hi @varsey
thanks for the comment! I don’t know off the top of my head why it is not there but it should be easy to add. I’ll discuss this quickly with @gholami, maybe we can include it in the next release.
Out of curiousity, are you using case upload a lot?

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yes, we will include this in the next release.

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Not quite often, just when geometry is too sophisticated to set up it via Simscale interface or I need to set up something unusual in functionality.

I’m asking because I’ve created mesh for my multiregion case (10 regions - too big to manipulate) using Salome and topoSet utility, and set up boundary conditions using python script afterwards. It’s frustrating for me just to think I need to start from the beginning and upload the mesh on Simscale first and then setting up BC via web interface again (and some functionality better to be configured manually - for example, setting up nonorthogonal correctors to 2 in Numerics for multiregion Conjugate heat transfer case on Simscale leads to enabling this option for both fluid and solid region, even though I want to apply it only for fluid region).

So answering your question - yes, I use it, but not quite often. When I finish my usual simulation on Simscale, I implement new turbulence model for example to compare results using case upload or make other slight changes.

I asked this question in support and I thought they missed my inquiry, but they just answered that solver I interested in will be incorporated on the next Thursday. Sorry for posting it here.


Thanks for the replies @gholami and @varsey! Don’t worry about the double posting to support, having this info in the forum is going to be helpful for others. Also, we are very interested to get some first-hand reports on how you use SimScale, this really helps us to improve our software.