Ogden Material Model

Hi all! I was looking around for theoretical background in depth related to Hyperelastic material model (Especially Ogden, Mooney-Rivlin). Any suggestion and references on the related topic (deduction of material constants) would be very appreciated. I have checked out with some documentations of FE software which didn’t help me that much.

Thank you very much!

Hey @akomaring!

Normally it is quite hard to get the hyperelastic parameters. For general info. about them, please see our documentation here: Hyperelastic materials. For detailed study, please see: ABAQUS theory documentation (Please see section 4.6).

If you want to have the constants for specific model, you can pass over the stress and strain data of your material and I can compute it for you.



Hi @ahmedhussain18! Thank you so much for your prompt reply!
I was looking for more in-depth theoretical background for the said material model. I will look into the documentations and take this opportunity to seek your valuable help on this topic. I will revert you back soon for your help if you don’t mind.

Thank you!

You could also look at the SimScale blog article on the determination of material parameters: How to Choose a Hyperelastic Material Model for your Finite Element Analysis?.

You could also check out the blog in the upcoming days, as there are some articles scheduled regarding elastomers.

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