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Offline Post-Processing with Paraview


Hi SimScalers!

If you want to perform more sophisticated offline post-processing analysis you can do so by following the steps below.

\underline{\textbf{1. Download Paraview}}

You can download Paraview from the official website:

\underline{\textbf{2. Download Results}}

The next step is to download the results from the workbench. For that open the run and click on the context menu of Solution Fields and choose Download Results.

\underline{\textbf{3. Unzip Folder}}

The folder structure should look similar to this:

\underline{\textbf{4. Open Paraview}}

Now open Paraview and choose the case.foam file.

\underline{\textbf{5. Click on Apply}}

To apply the changes simply click on Apply.

\underline{\textbf{6. See your Results}}

\underline{\textbf{7. Discover Filters and other options}}

You can play around with the filters and several other options as can be seen in our video here:



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