[Off Subject] Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Forces, Torques Curves of an assembly

Sorry if this topic is an “Off Subject”. I would understand If the moderators would delete it.

I’m drawing with OneShape. I would like to have the Positions/Velocity/Acceleration curves of a movement (tranlsations, rotations), and the forces/torques curves in the mates.

I don’t think Simscale can do this, can it ?

If it don’t :

  • Do you think it will be soon implemented in the future ? That would be great !!!
  • What online - and free for non commercial use - tool could I use ?

Thank you very much for reading !

Hi Guillaum!

Moved this to “Product Feedback” as this is useful input for us. Do you mean like a mathematical formulation of time variation of forces etc.? If that’s the case then this is possible - you can prescribe that either via a function or table upload.

If I missed your question here, please let me know. Use the search function of the forum and you can find some very useful posts from users who used this approach for their cases.




If I draw a mechanism under OneShape, like a “crank rod” mechanism http://docplayer.fr/docs-images/67/56914558/images/16-0.jpg , I’dlike to input the velocity of the crank (in rpm/mn) and then have the position/velodicity/acceleration of the rod
Like : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Syst_Bielle-manivelle_acceleration.jpg?1586545637091

If I draw somethink like https://cdn.quincaillerie.pro/images/d449ad919ed2115906dd/600/600/P206013.png in oneshape, I’d like to find the forces and torques in the mates.
Like the page 6 of : http://stephane.genouel.free.fr/FT/0%20TP/2010-2011/TP%2028.1%20Cric%20hydraulique%20_St%20Cyr%201994_%20Corrig�.pdf

I don’t know if my demand is good asked !!!

But I’d really like to have it in Simscale…

Thanks a lot for all you’ve already done ! Simscale I very good designed !


To be clear someting like this would be great !