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Notes about using Simscale

Hi Simscale staff,
I have some notes about using Simscale. You can see them either as questions or suggestions for improvements. Please excuse me if these proposals repeat other ones.

  • Is it possible to rename the objects from the scene tree to their native CAD names (for example - plate, profile, etc.)?

  • Can you introduce “zoom window” like in the CAD programs?

  • How do I add/remove entity to/from the selection set?

  • Is it possible the projects in Dashboard to be grouped in folders and/or to be filtered by various criteria - field of application, type of analysis, mesh type, etc?

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Hi @atanas_kuzev,

great suggestions! None of the four features is available right now in production, but some of them are on the short term roadmap (e.g. a more powerful selection set management including removing and adding entities once created). To make sure I understood you right:

  • “Zoom window” - You mean using a rubberband mechanism to draw a rectangle in the viewer and then the window zooms to this rectangle? (In the meantime: Best for zooming is keeping the right mouse click pressed and then moving the mouse up and down)

  • Grouping / Filtering: The filtering is being worked on as this will be also very important for all the public projects. Regarding folders: Here the SimScale community seems to be of different opinion - some like folders, others are fine with a faster searching and filtering to find the relevant project. What would be your main use case for folders?



Hi @dheiny ,

Exactly! Now I use the current method (“… keeping the right mouse click pressed and then moving the mouse up and down”), but it works very slowly.

I also prefer fast and advanced search and filtering. If there are folders, I will use them for systematizing and finding projects fast. I would use the following structure:


Hi @atanas_kuzev,

excellent - thanks for elaborating, got it! I’ll soon open up a thread for a discussion of folders for project asset management. I’ll post it here then.