Not able to pan around or move my model in work bench

i was trying to run a fluid simulation between two walls and a cavity between them to be able to heat treat them
but i am not bale to pan around in workbench and the model is stuck in top view
i am able to do so in the ‘edit in cad mode’ but not in the workbench making me unable to slect the pressure inlet faces and outlet faces’
i am neither able to pan , zoom out , change the view of the model


Just to make sure, are you using Chrome or Firefox? Those are the two browsers that are officially supported.

If so, the pan shortcut is control + left click (and drag). To rotate, a single left click + drag should work.



Hi himanshutehlan ,
On my window 10 google laptop and also PC my panning has at times been temporarily frozen when I am in the process of setting up the Topological entity sets. This temporary issue for me is resolved by Reloading the page, ie; by click in the circular arrow at the top left hand corner of the screen. The page becomes refreshed and I can continue with no problems.

I’ll have to also remember the ‘the pan shortcut is control + left click (and drag) & to Rotate, a single left click + drag’ suggested by @RicardoParis . I put the temporary frozen panning issue down to to me working too quickly setting up the Topological entity sets and the cloud server not having all the information it requires, but I am no IT expert.

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