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Nosecone testing

I am a new user and I just wanted to test different nosecone shapes for a project of mine (F1 in schools). However I get this message when trying to create a new run:

A setup with 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an Advanced Concept assigned to them.

I have seen other posts but because I am so new, I don’t fully understand the replies. I know it is something about there being two solids, (I might even be wrong with that!). For reference here is my project: SimScale.

Any assistance would be very helpful but if you are one of the kind people qho do decide to help please remember I am an absolute beginner who is trying out simulation for pretty much the first time.

Hey there!

The flow simulation requires you to have only one part, which is filled with air. In your case it found two parts: the nose cone and the flow region. This is the meaning of the error message.

The solution is simple: go back to the CAD Mode and use the Body - Delete operation to remove the nose cone part, leaving you with only the flow region, which is what the solver expects.

As the shape of the nose cone is already imprinted in the flow region, this is what will allow the computation of the aerodynamics, thus you do not need the solid part.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I will try it soon!

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It worked! Thanks so much.