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Non-newtonian-flow-through-expansion-channel Validation Case


HI there, I am currently doing my masters thesis on Open Source Free or low cost CFD software and running some benchmarks.
The one benchmark that I am very interested in using is the Non-Newtonian Flow Through Expansion Channel as seen in your validation cases and documentation. I have one simply query which may sound silly but myself and a few other student have not managed to work i out yet. What is the U value in “Ux/U” for the following picture

and how was it worked out. I have downloaded this exact case from the project file and have i open in paraview but cant seem to figure out what it is, many many options have been explored. The research paper attached to the validation case also did not say. ANY HELP will be a HUGELY appreciated.

Kind Regards


Never mind Im so so sorry. PLease note that it should be more clear as to how far along the profile is taken as I read it as x=28 past the expansion point. Sorry again


Hey Calvin!

Short answer to your question is that the velocity given is normalized by the inlet velocity. However this answer is too short to may be satisfactory and I am afraid if that is what you wanted to know :smiley: Does it still answer your question? Nice case you are investigating there by the way! Let us know if you have any further question and sorry for the delay in my answer.

Enjoy your weekend!