Non-linearity models and pressed parts (sheet metal)

Hello SIMSCALE people,

I was wondering if someone can help me. I am dealing with pressed parts (sheet metal bends etc) and one would assume that such part at the bend region would have undergone plastic deformation making that region stiffer. If I am using such part on an assembly and I am trying to simulate how does the assembly behaves when subjected to a force X then a non-linear model should be used. Though my question is… is there any trick or procedure to correctly predict the behavior of the pressed part as part of an assembly when its properties are slightly different given the bend?


Hi @d255bd86187443,

Thanks for posting your question! Great thoughts on that.

Not necessarily. It really depends on the strain behavior on high load quantities, as simple as that. To summarize all the theory behind that, if you do not have large deformations, there is no necessity to consider non-linearity. So the boundary conditions of the setup will say if that is required or not.

Another interesting one! But please try to give me an answer for this question: What is the amount of "slightly different properties"in the bend? Is it a 0.001, 0.1 or 10x different?
I hope you know what I tried to do here. I mean, what happens is that in isotropic materials the material has the same properties in every single direction. So no worries on that, the material properties on bending region is the same as the others, just do the simulation setup and then see how it behaves because of the bending shape (geometric property) and not because of the material properties in the bending (because they are all the same for the entire material).

Please let me know if that helped you, and also let me know if your simulation is running well.