Non acurate coefficient of Drag

Hi, I have ran a simulation with my plane model and all the coeficents seems to be incorrect except for the lift coefficient. I know for sure the drag coefficient isn’t 0.18 and the moment coefficient isn’t more than 0.01. I dont know why this is happening can you please help me.

Thank you so much for your time and effort,
Frank lucci

Hi Frank, thank you for using the forum :slight_smile:
There could be many reasons why the results are not expected, but in order to acknowledge them, I will need to check your setup. Is it possible that you send the link please?
Also, what are your expectations regarding the results?

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here you go

Hi Frank, I hope you are well, apologies for the delay!

I have two basic questions;

  1. Why do you need a moving wall for your aircraft simulation?
  2. Do you have a reference paper you are comparing your results with? Feel free to add it so I can check it :slight_smile:

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Hey, any updates on this? :slight_smile: