No Solid Body


when i try to add a flow volume my model of a W11 it gives an Error “no solid body”

thanks for your help.

sincerley, Matthew

Hey Matthew, nice model you have here! Did you build it?

The flow volume extraction operation fails most likely because your model is only made up of surfaces, and the surfaces do not form closed volumes.

I can also see that you already tried a few CAD mode operations, am I right? In order to overcome this, please try going back to your CAD program and cleaning up the model:

  • Remove small parts
  • Join surfaces
  • Create enclosed volumes from the surfaces

Hello there, yeah it is! No, it is a model I bought to use for my Matura Thesis.

Can I do those steps you mentioned in the Simscale CAD program? Because if yes I do not find them.


Sadly you can not currently do the proper fixing in our CAD mode.

As this will involve manipulating and joining surfaces, you will need a fully fledged CAD tool.

Hey there,

I tried it with Fusion and onshape but I dont seem to be able to do anything to the model to make it work, any chance you can help me out?

Sincerely, Matthew

Hi Matthew,

I will be happy to help you to progress your simulation, so let me know how you think I can support you here.

Hello there,

I’ve now again tried my luck with fixing the Mercedes Model (f1) but I can’t get it to work. It always says that theres no solid body. Can you give me a detailed way how to fix that problem? Because the model is already meshed if i open it in Fusion, so I can’t seem to join surfaces.

Kind Regards, Matthew

Hi there!

Instructions on fixing your CAD is outside of the scope of this forum, and even instructions would be program specific, so I don’t see how to help you here.

Just try to modify or recreate the surface parts to make the closed and smooth, and try to convert them to solid parts with an enclose operation.