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No mesh option under simulation tree

I am trying the first tutorial of “Laminar flow through pipe” and after selecting “Incompressible” as my simulation I don’t see any meshing option under the tree.

Hi @prghumar!

Did you use the tutorial template?



I have a same problem - no mesh menu item in sim tree - I have tried CFD tutorial “optimalization of a globe valve” and no mesh posibilty. Other project are OK.

Thank for your help.


Thanks for your message. Can you share the link to the tutorial please? Will check it out!



Public tutorial :

(from SimScale Academy course Excercise No 2)

I do not see an existing simulation in that linked project, so you can not see the mesh even if it is there…

To see existing meshes, I had to:

  1. Copy your project
  2. Click on a geometry
  3. Click on the ‘Create Simulation’ blue button that appears in the popup frame (not sure why I could not use the + to the right of Simulations to accomplish the creation of a new simulation where I can view meshes, @jousefm is that a ‘bug’ :question: )
  4. Select ‘Incommpresible’ from list
  5. Click on ‘Geometry’, at which point you can FINALLY see some existing meshes in popup frame :wink:
  6. Then I had to remember to delete the copied project from my dashboard :frowning:

In know, I do not like these new buried meshes either … :cry:

@StevenGu I hope you see this topic and my tears at the end :wink:

Hi @Bill_CZ,

Thanks for reporting this! I will exchange the link with a new one as soon as possible and the meshing should just work fine! What you can do is to just copy my project with the re-uploaded models:

Cheers and happy SimScaling!


Helped a lot, thanks!

Just fyi: The underlying issue has been fixed in the mean time. “Mesh” should now always be available in the simulation tree, even for old/faulty CAD models.