No case.foam when I download the solution field in the post processor

Hi simscalers! I wanted to use preview to view my results but when I download the solution field on my MacBook and open it the zip folder does not have the case.foam or case.prv. Anyone know why this would be the case?

Hi there, could you upload a screenshot showing the containing of the folder, please? :smiley:

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Hi, just adding a quick comment.

It’s quite unusual if no case.foam (for CFD) or case.pvd (for FEA) files are available in the results. If this is really the case, you should be able to create your “case file” quite easily by:

  1. Opening a text editor (e.g. notepad);
  2. With the notepad blank, hit “Save as” and select “All” for “save as type”
  3. Then just save the file as case.foam or case.pvd. You can use this file as a replacement for the missing file.

In short, the case.foam and case.pvd files don’t contain any information. Their only purpose is to tell ParaView which result format it’s dealing with.


This is a screenshot of what was downloaded as the solution field

If this is literally all that you have in the entire solution folder that was downloaded (i.e. no constant folder, no system folder, etc), then there is likely an issue somewhere.

For testing purposes, do you happen to have a machine with Linux or Windows to try downloading the result files?

IT FIXED IT THANK YOU! On my MacBook it automatically opens the file. This solves the problem: Disable automatic unzipping by Safari: Go to Safari - General and disable “Open safe files after downloading.”