New-style post-processor disappeared

Hi, I have encountered a strange thing, perhaps it happened to others as well?

In openfoam, my results opened in a “new” post processor, which worked well. There was an option to return to the old postprocessor, the one that resembles paraview. Now I cannot return to the new style… changing projects, even logging out, I keep getting the old-style post processor.

Is there some trick to get the new one again?

Hi @mariusn!

Jumping between the classic and new post-processor should be no problem at all. Could you share a screenshot with the issue please and show that right-clicking on solution fields really does not offer an option for choosing the desired post-processor design?



My apologies, now I see the option. Many thanks!

Awesome @mariusn! Please mark my post as the solution, that would be great.

Thanks and happy SimScaling!