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New SimScale Tutorial: Futuristic Car

We’ve created a new SimScale tutorial for external aerodynamics. You can check it out here:

First, use this link to [import the project into your workbench] ( and then work through the project step-by-step using the video or [PDF Tutorial](

Once you’re done, share your post-processing images with us below!

I will begin :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks for sharing @cbabua!

That looks great - it’s just what I’ve been needing for my project, other that it’s for incompressible flow. I definitely will try it out!

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How can I make the surfaces semi-transparent (and/or desaturated), so the streamlines are more easily visible?

E.g. like this:

Hi @ProjectAvenir,

are you using Paraview locally for post-processing? There all filters have an “Opacity” slider in the settings panel that you can change to make all assets of the scene transparent. However depending on the specific result data set, there are different tricks to help speed this up. Would you be interested in a little tutorial for this? Might be something relevant to a lot of CFD users, so that might be a good idea, what do you think?



I’ll give Paraview a try. The tutorial sounds like a good idea as well!


yes, I’d recommend using a local Post-processor with SimScale. The current version of the online post-processor works for a first check of the result but as soon as you want to dig deeper into the results, the capabilities and performance is not sufficient (will change soon!).

Paraview is open source and supports all major platforms - very powerful tool. Might be a bit tricky in the beginning. I’ll try to make a little tutorial on CFD post-proc soon.