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New plan & pricing but where is the price?


I noticed that in the “plan and pricing” section there is no longer pricing! Where is the price finished?

I know, asking Mr. Omar, you get everything, even the prices made to measure! But I’m not sure that it will cost me the same price as others. Where is transparency? How can I compare your services with those of the competition?

I prefer, clear prices on the site for professional plan and enterprise, with its price for cores hours in addition.

That is my opinion and yours?


Hi there @ErmoB and thanks a lot for the interest in SimScale!

One of the guys from the sales team will get in touch with you or post an answer here! Sorry for the delayed response but we did not forget you! :wink:

Cheers and happy SimScaling!



Hi @ErmoB,

thanks for your post. We’ve seen that the “one size fits all” packaging didn’t match the diversity in customer demand. E.g. a customer running few FEA simulations a year has a very different need than a customer running many large multiphase flow simulations a week. Not just in computing quota but also in terms of seat count, training and consulting the demand varies significantly among the SimScale customer base. To allow a more customized consumption of our product and services, we’ve migrated towards providing customized packages, based on individual needs. Obviously our sales team can provide you with an individual quotation at any point in time after a brief consultation about your simulation needs, such that you can compare prices with the competition. That being said, I completely understand your preference for transparent prices on the website - and it’s likely that we’ll publish again more packaging & pricing information in the future that reflects this flexibility!




Excellent response! in any case, I would prefer to have a price references, for example:
few simulations -> 1000 core hours ->> €
averages simulations -> 5000 core hours ->> €€
many simulations -> 20000 core hours ->> €€€
This is just one example of how to compare and choose between the various products on the market.
Thank you for your reply.


Hi everyone, sorry to hijack this thread but I thought it would be appropriate as I am also looking for pricing plans for core hours.

I did fill up the contact form sometime early last week but still have not gotten a reply. Who should look for next regarding this?


Hi @Get_Barried!

I will forward your message to the sales team!

Thanks for using SimScale!



2019, same issue. No upfront transparency. Will this ballpark me $100/yr or $10000/yr? Who knows…


Hi @mechmach!

One of my colleagues will address your comment as soon as possible - thanks for your feedback!