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Need Help With Simulation

Hi I’m having issue completing Simulation Run. Trying to calculate drag forces.
I’m either getting : “The machine ran out of memory. Please choose a larger machine for computation.” or no just and Error.

Please help.

Thank you

Hi @rkravets!

If you are already using the maximum number of cores you can decrease the mesh size in order to make the simulation work. In addition to that I think that the mesh box should rather be isotropic in the sense of uniform cell sizes - at the moment it looks rather anisotropic. For any additional hints I am tagging @mlarreta, @Anware , @oscarcorripio and @Get_Barried.



I tried downsizing my mesh but it didnt seem to help. Is there any way you help me out with running my simulation to determine drag forces. I would really appreciate it. This is for my Thermal Fluids design class project.

Hi, Im working on my thermal fluids design class project and recently hit a wall during simulation.

If someone can please help me with my simulation I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance

Best regards

Hi @rkravets!

Will have a look at this later on. Let me tag my colleagues @Get_Barried and @vgon_alves here who might help you out in the meantime.

P.S.: And please keep everything related to your project in one thread and do not split things up, makes it messy and very hard to keep track of.



Hi again @rkravets!

Let me try to re-mesh your geometry tomorrow morning as this is (as already mentioned) a mesh that is not very satisfactory! I would not continue to work on your current meshes and waste core hours on them. A project that might help you in the meantime is from @Filiptheking and can be found here: Propeller Validation CFD.



Thank you Jousef, I’ll give it a try tonight.

Best regards


Hi @rkravets,

Your runs seems fine at the moment (26x26x26). The mesh on the heli could use some refinements. You will need to do that by selecting the individual surfaces of the heli when selecting surface refinement in order to increase their quality. For now though, the run seems fine, the mesh is ok (28 illegal cells, survivable probably). After the sim is done you can post-process it to get CL CD.