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Need help for an easy simulation


For confidential questions i could’nt show you my 3D modeling in details. But i drew for you a sketch that illustrate my problématic. The simulation should be pretty easy i guess. A water jet is throwing from a nozzel ( ~2mm O) against a déflector( ~2cm,3cm,2cm).

I would like to know wich type of mesh i have to create and wich kind of simualtion. Also how to parameter the boudary conditions.

Thank you , and sorry for my frenglish
(edit: I made the first turorial of CFD so i only know basic manipulations )

Hi @Apsys!

Very interesting project you have there! I will think about a solution and tag my fellow colleagues @vgon_alves & @Get_Barried in the meantime who might give you some first ideas.



Thank you for your answer, and your help !

Hi @Apsys,

Never done this before, would be interesting to try.

I assume for meshing you would want to use the hex-dom parametric meshing method and set the material point to be within the nozzle. Your deflection point should be the bounding box perpendicular to the end of the nozzle and likely a no slip wall condition. You will need to have a sufficient y+ of 30 to 200 for both the internals of the nozzle and the cells perpendicular to the deflection wall. See here for documentation on this.

The walls parallel to the nozzle should be a zero pressure outlet in order to allow the eventual fluid to exit the domain. You would need this to be a multiphase simulation considering that the nozzle outputs water, just remember to set the sub-domain within to be water and the remaining domain to be air. Setting this up will be the hard part however, so look out for where the subdomains are and the relevant phase values.

The bounding box behind the nozzle can just be a simple wall as well. The nozzle of course is no-slip.

Do try it out and see if its possible.



Hi Get_Barried

Thank you so much for your help. I will try best to follow your instruction! It seems to be a bit tougher than i exepted !
I will share you my try.

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