Need Help! Convection + Radiation Cooling

Project: (SimScale)

i am trying to simulate the cooling of a thermoelectric generator, which gets heated via a copper heating plate. The opposite site is cooled via a passive heat sink. I managed to simulate the cooling and heating process with convection only. If i add radiation to the simulation the simulation converts to 0 K and stops.

Do you know why the simulation converts to 0K?
What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance!


From the description, it sounds like some parts are losing excessive amounts of heat due to a given heat transfer mechanism (e.g. maybe due to radiation and a combination of relaxation factors), which can cause some parts to artificially reach unphysical levels of temperature.

One way to go about it is by applying field limits for temperature and simply preventing temperatures lower than the inlet (or whatever else makes sense) in the domain.

Alternatively, playing with relaxation factors and/or ramping the temperatures can help.