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Near Wall Velocity

Is there a way to obtain velocity near walls? Usually in Openfoam I could obtain U Near values and represent them in Paraview. I can’t find anything similar in Simscale.

Hi @wilove!

Are you looking for a certain parameter or do you just want to obtain the velocity as a graph? If so then this is not (yet) possible on our platform and can be performed inside the offline Paraview version.

If I did not answer your question please let me know and I will jump back into the topic :slight_smile:



Sorry for the late reply. I think I did not express myself well.

Usually I include in the controlDict file a function like the following:

libs (“”);
type nearWallFields;
writeControl writeTime;
executeControl writeTime;
(U UNear)
patches (…);
distance …;

In this way I’m able to see the air velocity at a certain distance around the car even though the velocity is 0 on the surfaces . For example in the following image the velocity near the surfaces is represented.

I can’t do something like that on Simscale and I don’t know if it is possible to obtain a similar result in Paraview.

Thank you

Hi @wilove!

Let me tag my colleagues and “Paraview-Gurus” Darren (@1318980) as well as Barry (@Get_Barried) here to help you out with this issue. I rarely use Paraview and never came across such an issue but I am sure there is a feature or workaround for this :+1:

All the best!


Hi @wilove, if you import your data into paraview, but uncheck the ‘create cell to point data’ option, and visualise by cell data you should be able to see the velocity of the cell next to the face. Then, manually applying a cell to point filter, the point data is then also represented on the surface.

Hope this helps,

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