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My way to view all meshes in a project and create new meshes in the new UX


I just wanted to share the method I use to actually be able to see all meshes, their logs and parameters in the new UX and to create new meshes.

IN ALL MY PROJECTS, I just create a new simulation and label it 'MESH VIEWING/CREATION ONLY’

There, I can select a geometry from the sim’s Geometry selection Parameter.

Then, I can select any mesh that exists for that geometry from the sim’s Mesh selection Parameter.

Then, I click on 'Use mesh as Domain’

And Voila, there is all the buried information you wanted :grin:

And, you can create all your new meshes there without fear of messing with ANY simulations’ active parameters :star_struck:

Just sayin, since it took me a while to come to terms with buried meshes in this manner, and I hope this is temporary :wink:

If SimScale made this a standard sim in every new project, and got rid of all sim root tree items in THIS SIM ONLY, below this sims Mesh selection Parameter, it might be a usable compromise without going back to the separate meshing tree of previous UX :wink:

Like this:

Where is Meshing menu for CFD Exercise #1/Laminar flow in pipe?

Hey Dale!

Thanks as always! We would soon have to give you another forum title, something like SimScale’s Sherlock :wink: I forwarded this to @StevenGu.




Now if I could only restore a sims active parameters to the state of ANY sim run in that simulation… :pray:

THAT WOULD BE THE POT AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW :cloud_with_snow::partly_sunny: :sunny: :rainbow: :moneybag: :sparkler::1st_place_medal: :beers::pizza: :grin:

And of course, Editable User Mouse Hover Text on any parameter, but I ask for too much … :cloud_with_snow::partly_sunny: :sunny: :rainbow: :moneybag: :sparkler::1st_place_medal: :beers::pizza: :grin: