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Multiphase Waterdrop

i would like to simulate a Waterdrop. I build a simple model with SimScale to test it.
I creat a mesh with Hex-dominat automatic, i looks quite good.
At the index tab simulation designer i choose water and air, on region0 (Mesh). But this is wrong.
I look at the examples, but i dont found something that is similar to my project.
Here is the link here

Do i creat the mesh wrong ?


Hi @Kai_himself, I think you have meshed the solid part of the geometry instead of the liquid part.

I’m not sure your geometry will accomplish what you are trying to do, I would consider using a ‘Fluid negative’ of the domain.


Hey Darren,
thnk you for your answer.

I found a example for a multiphase Waterdrop simulation.

I think i reconstruct it very well :smiley:, within the simulationsparameter. But it dint work :(.

But when i try to creat a sim run i got this message: "Error: Both materials are associated with the same phase. Multiphase simulation requires each material to be associated with a different phase. "

What does phase mean ?! In the example projekt, are both materials (Water and Air) associated with the same Mesh region…

Greetz Kai

Link too the example project
Link too my project

Hi Kai (@Kai_himself)!

That one is easy to fix, please have a look at the attached picture. You used Phase0/Phase1 for both materials. You have to assign one material to Phase0 and the other one to Phase1, simple as that! (Picture is from another project!)

Let me know if you have any further questions!


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Hey @jousefm,
Thank you for your advice, it worked! Sometimes you dont see the forest for the trees :).

Greetz Kai

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No worries Kai (@Kai_himself)!

Let us know how things go :slight_smile:

All the best and enjoy the rest of your weekend!