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multiMotion support

Can anyone confirm if CFD does support MultiMotion?

I am trying to simulate body under cycloidal motion, and the only way to achieve this is two rotating regions (one inside of another).

I was going to post a similar if not the same question.
Can SimScale simulate 2 (very) different propellers acting on the same volume/domain of air and provide lift information?
An example would be intermeshing Rotors of a helicopter:

Hi and thanks for your question @fzoid & @Rashid!

I will forward this question to the engineers and tell you if the motion functions are already on SimScale or on the roadmap.



@fzoid @Rashid as long as your rotating zones do not overlap, you are good. Therefore, the helicopter case is alright. For the case of one zone inside the other, you should make the outer one hollow and place the inner zone in there. Hope this helps.

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So, Intermeshing rotors is a no-go. Cyclic rotors is a go.
Will give it a try.