Multi-region error for single region analysis message


This is my first time using Simscale for CFD, and I keeping getting this error message “A setup with at least 7 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please ensure that only one fluid region exists and that all other bodies are assigned to an advanced concept. If you have already meshed your geometry, ensure that all the meshing regions except one are cell zones.” When I am entering the information for the simulation, everything checks off fine until I try to complete the simulation. I have tried multiple ways of editing my model and have used different modeling software, and I keeping getting the same message. I have looked at tutorials , but there are very few CFD tutorials for architecture.

Any help is most appreciated!

Hi William, and welcome to the forum!

I can see that your model has parts for the flow region and for the solids.

In an Incompressible CFD simulation, the only part that you must have is the flow region. Moreover, this part must not intersect with the solids, but enclose them.

For illustration, please check what is done in this tutorial, where the flow region is created using the CAD edit mode:

Finally, please do not forget to also search the forum for previous solutions to your problems. There are many posts where this same error message has been addressed.