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MSc project CFD analysis of 2017 formula student car

I am currently doing my dissertation on our university’s 2017 formula student car and researching on the viability of front and rear wings for the future.

So far i have created a mesh of my initial model and have attempted to simulate it, I have had previous help to sort out little gremlins in my mesh and may look at increasing refinement levels of wheel mrf’s and radiator.

Whilst simulating, i found the force and moments continued to increase to large values which are nothing like i had previously obtained in the FSAE workshop series. I have used Turbulent and specific dissipation rate from this workshop as i have the same air velocity (20 m/s).

I have used the stl file and cad assembly to measure the wheel axis point and the rotation axis. I have used 80rad/s and 12.7324 revolutions/s to see if this was the issue (wheel diameter 0.5m).

For the porous media i don’t have the ability to calculate the d and f values and have left them to default values. I have calculated the e1 and e2 vectors, the angle of the radiator zone is 30.81 degrees from horizontal.

link to my project
Here is a link to my project. Thanks for the time taken to read this :slight_smile:

Hi @jkendrick,

A quick initial check and your setup, mesh and geometry look relatively fine.

I suggest disabling “Potential foam initialization” under simulation control and re-running to see if that helps. If it still has issues we’ll work from there.



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Hi @jkendrick, here is a project:

It has a run there that looks to be converging currently at 200 iterations, with no sign of issues.

I mainly just reverted the numerics to the new defaults to see if the cell limited least squares gradient performed better. But I did add a few non-orthogonal correctors in.

I’ll keep an eye on the sim to ensure no further issues are encountered but I reckon this will remain stable.