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Mouse Wheel Zoom Direction?

I’m a completely new user to SimScale. I’ve been going through the tutorials, searching the forum, etc., but have not found out if there is a way to reverse the default zoom behavior of the mouse wheel. After 20+ years of zooming in when I roll the mouse wheel forward I don’t really want to change. Teaching an old dog a new trick, etc.

Hi @stoneattic and welcome SimScale,

unfortunately there is currently no way to change the mouse controls on SimScale but based on popular request, we’re working on it! To help us prioritize further, you can add your votes for different features / enhancements over here:

The request for improved 3D navigation is here:



Hi @stoneattic,

these are my observations when using SimScale on a laptop without a mouse.
Ctrl + left / right click + drag = pan
Left click + drag = rotate
Right click + drag = zoom

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @raahul_pu,

This has already been discussed here if you are interested: Shortcuts/Hotkeys on SimScale



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any updates here? The link above doesn’t take the “Improve 3D navigation” button says it’s private or doesn’t exist

Hi there! Are you facing an issue with this link? Working without mouse - #2 by jousefm The page does not open for you?

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