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More information about updates to the software


I remember @jousefm sending me a link to a thread in which news regarding updates to simscale is published. Nothing has been posted since 2018! Although this is a great software, it still requires a lot of extra functionality before it can handle the things that some of the other software out there can handle. As such, it would be really good if Simscale would publish a list of all the features you are working on and their estimated roll out dates and update said page once or twice a month. That way, if I see some of my feedback making the list I know i’m not wasting my time, even if it takes a year before said feature is completed. I did see a power users group thread from 2016 giving bi-weekly updates, but it was short lived!

In particular I would like to know what is happening (if anything) regarding MRF for conjugate heat transfer studies and addition of Celsius units.


Good point Roy!

I am currently working on making this happen :slight_smile: A post has already been drafted here: - the first update will be posted soon!

Thanks a ton for your feedback and keep your ideas coming!