Monitoring the Mass Flow rate at a plane or face


Hi everyone,

I am experimenting simulate internal flow on a intake restrictor at a certain engine RPM using pressure inlet and pressure outlet as the initial condition. My goal is to improve the mass flow rate through the inlet by changing the geometry of the restrictor. With that said, is there anyway I can monitor the mass flow rate of a certain place or face in Simulation Designer or Post-Processor? .


Hi @jjackyhsieh,

yes that can be done via a “Result Control” item (one of the last tree items in your simulation setup). Add a “Surface data” result control item and choose “Area integral” and assign this to the inlet. This will integrate the velocity across the inlet and give you the volume flow rate across the face.

Is that what you’re looking for?




It is useful if flow is incompressible and faces are “axes-oriented” (can it be said so?) But I can imagine two simple cases:

  1. Face is not oriented on a coordinate axis, or it is not plane.
    2.- Compressible flow. It shoud integrate rho*U, which is not the same as integration(rho)*integration(U)

I know that OpenFOAM is able to do both things, but also I understand that is must be not that simple to integrate that in Simscale.