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Modeling flow through a rotating pipe


Hello, I am trying to use simscale incompressible CFD to model flow through a rotating straight pipe (the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the direction of the pipe). I am unsure how to do this with MRF, as all of the examples of rotating geometries that I have seen on simscale use external meshes with boundary conditions that exist outside the rotation zone. In my case, I want a velocity inlet, pressure outlet condition on the pipe itself, which should be rotating at some angular velocity. I am only interested in the flow inside the pipe.

Here is type of rotation I am looking for.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


@CFD-SQUAD, can you give our user some tips here?

All the best!



Hi @mmorningstar9,

This seems like a very unique way to do this. I would assume you want to provide some sort of momentum vector into the fluid inside the pipe to see how the flow progresses? In this regard, I do not think an MRF will affect the internal flow.

So what is your objective? Lets see if there is some other way to tackle it.